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me in a hat at glenorchy

caples valley on the greenstone/caples track

view from mckellar saddle

weighed down

lake mckellar

bhav on a swing bridge

bhav in greenstone valley

the oldest postbox in new zealand.

found this in the pub

Arrived in queenstown two days after everyone else on my bus to meet up with bhav again, who'd managed to book is into the crappest hostel ive stayed in yet on the trip. nice one. but 2 days later having bought a stove, supplies and much needed hat and gloves we where off to glenorchy to do a 4 day hike - the greenstone/caples loop. we got a boat across and after six hours hiking arrived at our hut for the night. we some how managed to mis-make tomato soup before having some noodles and playing cards with some other guys in the hut. as the hour drew late (9.30) we decided to hit the hay after a toilet stop. since ure in the woods the toilet is an outhouse about one minute walk from the hut. me and bhav got into a squabble since he wanted my torch cus his was crap, but i needed it and therefore told him to make do - he used some unsavoury language and trekked off. i went to bed and nodded off.

i woke up following a doze at about 10.30 and noticed bhav hadn't returned. whilst iam aware some people can manage an hour in the toilet back home, i wouldn't really expect it in an outhouse in the dark, so headed out to look for him at the toilets but to no avail. i went back to the lodge and still couldn't see him and was starting to get worried, so went back outside and started shouting him. i heard his cry and saw a rather dim light coming from the trees. turns out when he'd come out the toilets he hadn't been able to find the path due to his torchlight and had thus got lost in the trees for the last hour and had resigned himself to sleeping in the woods for the night. once rescued i learned that this was not his mistake but rather my fault for not giving him my torch. either way quite a confidence booster for the navigating of an 8 hour trek the next day.

next day like the first was great weather and the views were amazing. third day was not so good but still nice, though the last hour or so to the final hut seem endless, as did the hike out the next day. all in all though it was a great experience and really wonderful scenery.

back to queenstown the next day for a few days before bhav left me for christchurch and i hitched a ride to te anau with some crazy french kid on his provisional new zealand license. incidentally, i did no activities in queenstown ( the activity capital of the world apparently) - i had a look at the bungy, considered it, then consider sitting down with a hot chocolate and decided with that option. as a result of this i found queenstown a little boring since if ure not spendin all ure money on activities theres not much to do. i did make a side trip to a quaint place called arrowtown which had an old chinese gold mining settlement, a nice pub and the countrys oldest postbox.

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