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heres the dingy in dock just before the storm!

a well earned drink with Erin

Livingston high street

Hello all

We woke in Puuta Gorda to find it was still raining very heavy (32 hours soild)

We had already decided on the 10am boat to take us to Guatemala but during our breakfast we were approched by a captain who convinced us to take his boat which was settong off an hour earlier. No problems there! We got us a taxi to take us to the ferry terminal (coz of the rain). Just as we were leaving another lass from our hostel was setting off to the dock too! "Hey do you want to share our taxi with us so you don't get wet?" I shouted above the rain. "OK" so we did just that. Think it was the worst mistake of her life. In the taxi we convinced Erin she may as well catch the same boat as us, after all we would get to our destination alot earlier!

We started to have second thoughts when the captain pulls up his 'boat' at the dock. It looked more like a dingy, with a tarpalin for a roof! And was being thrown about by the waves.

Anyway we had paid our money so we were off. It was still raining and the wind was up. The ride was quite fun at first. The swell was pretty big but the boat seemed to be doing ok. Not until we'd been on the boat about half an hour and we were still going out to sea and we couldn't see land anymore did we think this was not such a good idea. It started to rain even harder, the wind picked up even more and the swell was a good 7ft. Our boat was tiny, with a 120cc engine! We really thought we were going to die! The boat kept slamming down the side of a wave then another one would be ready to pick us up again! We were at severe risk of getting internal bleeding! And to make it worse it was like the Titanic, not enough life jackets to go around! We all started planning (in our minds) what to do when we got flipped while on the outside we were still smiling and laughing just so we didn't panic! Every time we crashed down a wave the spray was blown right into our faces, like having a bucket of sea water chucked at you!

After about an hour, with fingers white from holding on and not a single piece of clothing dry we sighted land!

Woo hoo never have we been so grateful! Now at least if the boat capsized (very likely I might add) we could swim for land!

We came close in to shore but then kept following the coast line. God when was he gonna let us off the boat. I swear we were ready to be dropped off on the beach and hike through the jungle just so we could get off! After the worst 2hrs so far we pulled into Livingston, a small town only reachable by boat. We asked the captain if he had ever crossed in worse conditions and he said "yeah man, no worries"! I don't think so even his mate at the front of the boat was looking worried at some points!

We looked pathetic, very brusied and just happy to be alive! Forget finding a hotel, the three of us hardy seamen went straight to the pub to recall our nightmare! After a while we were laughing about it, you know now that we were safe!

Anyway one ordeal over we ran into a next. Due to the fierce storm that hit Livingston that morning (oh just while we were crossing the ocean) the power to the whole town was out! No lights, no water (electrically pumped), no atm machines working and no internet! Hopefully it would come on again later that afternoon. Arriving in a new country we had no guatemalan quetzals but we had a few american dollars on us, just for emergencies like this, so we would be ok for the day.

We went to see about a trip to a nearby beach but no tours were going anywhere, the beach had been hit bad and the trail was blocked and the beach littered with fallen trees and debris!

Great nowt to do but eat and drink! Luckly the bar we were in cooked with gas!

So we spent the whole day with Erin in the bar, I'm sure she regretted saying she'd share a taxi with us!

The day turned into night, no power! We ended up going to bed by candle light and avoiding the toilet. People still went but they couldn't flush it if you know what I mean! So discusting, a great start in a new country!

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