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Just before leaving Macau we realized that we still had 62 MOPs left and we didn't want to bother changing them back to Hong Kong dollars. We headed to the duty-free shops and found that we had just enough to purchase one of the least expensive bottles of wine. The cashier pointed out that we had 1 MOP left - that it was a good luck MOP - hey, we will take all the good luck that comes our way.

We wanted to get back to Hong Kong in time to see the laser light show on the harbour at 8:00 pm and the fireworks that were to signal the end of the festival holiday. After a quick shower we arrived at the Star Ferry terminal and took a 1.7 HKD ride to Hong Kong island on the lower deck. Once we arrived, we found the entire wharf was full of domestic workers gathered together on their day off - most of them are from the Philippines - and they were enjoying the break playing cards, dancing to music from their portable stereos and eating their traditional food picnic meals. It must have helped them to fend off the homesickness they must be feeling being so far away from their families.

We made the decision to head back to Kowloon, to the relative peace and quiet, and this time chose the 2.2 HKD fare on the upper deck of the Star Ferry (the exchange rate is about 7 HKD to 1 CAD). This extra expenditure was a terrific choice because as we were almost half way across the harbour, the fireworks started on the Kowloon side and we had front row seats. It was a spectacular way to end a very busy day. As soon as the fireworks were done, we found that our energy was all gone and we headed to bed and were fast asleep by 9:00 p.m. Slept right through till morning; maybe we have finally conquered the jet lag.

The next morning was laundry duty - there are coin operated machines at the YWCA. Anil was shocked that after 32 years of me harping to him about how important it is to separate the clothes when washing them - that I threw all our dirty clothes into one machine and deposited the coins. Much to my disgust, all my undies came out a dull blue grey - serves me right for not taking my own advice. Anil had the last laugh... I took a few moments after that to touch up a couple of items with the iron and found that in very short order, I had sweat dripping off the end of my nose. I had forgotten what that was like, it used to happen to me all the time when I was teaching school in Nigeria. Most of my trips since then have been in air conditioning - this was a wake-up call that I was really back in the tropics once again.


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