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Brown Pelican

Covered in shells

Driftwood Monster

Never too cold to fish!

Great name for a boat!

Big ass pile of coal

Now that's a crab leg!

Another Brown Pelican

Salt water and steel

Ahhhhh...80 degrees, blue skies and warm breezes...well for a little while at least!

Got a little fishing in behind the power plant in Apollo Beach. The manatees come up in the canals where the warm water discharge is. There are probably 40-50 manatees at a time in here and they are big! Big Tarpon and other species of fish come up in here too.

When the tide came in we were seeing large Spotted Eagle Rays come up behind the concrete wall looking for dinner. Some of them had a 4-5 feet wingspan and one was huge, probably 8 feet across! Only saw one jump, so no good pics of flying rays...:-(

After a few renovations, repairs and maintenance it is time to move on again. This time it is off to the Everglades for a few weeks. This ought to be interesting.....

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