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Greetings from (now) sunny Byron Bay! It's been rany and cold but today it's finally warm an sunny, so naturally it'a good time to come insde and write a little note. Rob's not with me right now since he is putting the finishing touches on a double player didge (9 for those counting) that we madde together. We found the raw log(s) attached at the bottom and progressing off into two playable didges (one unit) ina shop of make-your own. It was super cheap, as didges go and we spent 2days shaving and clearing and thinning and sealing and today Rob is keying and playing it. It's pretty cool and he can play two keys on it at once. It was the one thing Rob thought he would have to leave behind since these didges usually go for over $1000. I can assure eveyone that we paid nowhere near that! Anyway, it'll interesting to send and we'll have a veritable didge studio when we get back!

As for us, our plans are to stay in Byron Bay for tonight as Rob will be competing in a didge cometition with first prize being a trip to the Whitsunday islands in the northeast (i.e. paradise) and then to go to the markets here tomorrow morning and then drive up to Brisbane to visit with some new family (yay!) and hopefully keep the sunlight we've been missing so much.

While in Byron Bay we're camping in a really interesting complex called the Arts FActory. They have a lodge, backpackers, camp ground, spa, recording studio etc etc etc. Ity's a real mellow mecca and most people fit the classic steryotpe of 'new school hippie' and surfers. It's a funny place to be, but definitely very cool. It's the first place we'r finding lots of organic and health foods again, and lots and lots of camper vans, especially the old VW Kombi's!

So basically, we're fitting in okay :-)

In other news, we've finally found an apartment in Waterloo that we rented only yesterday! It's on the main street (King Street South for those familiar with the city) but a little south of the main shops. Its a great location for both of us, and I'll be close to school. When we got the pictures we noticed the most obvious quirk (because, let's face it, any place of ours is going to have some kind of quirk) the fridge is in the living room. I'm oay with that because:

a) the bathtub is pink

b) the fridge is FULL SIZE!!! No more apartment size hurray!

c) It'sa two bedroom with parking and storage space and a tiny balcony and it's clean.

d) thelandlords seem sweet (we called them to touch base)

So anyway, we'r very relieved about it. We can send pictures to any interested in seeing the place, and maybe we'll post a few soon.

You guys take care and I'll be in touch :)



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