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Amazing views on the way up the mountain

Vietnamese houses

Local market

More old ladies still grafting away when they should have their feet...

The 4hr coach journey takes 7hrs, and I don't know why I'm surprised! Dalat is supposed to be the 'prettiest' place in Vietnam according to some of the locals, set in the hills with waterfalls, and apparently a lot of the Vietnamese take their honeymoons here. It's freezing here though, I've got trousers and both my fleeces on...and I here England's having a heat wave!

Meet a Canadian girl (Sarah) on the bus, who I share a room with and a German girl (Kristiana), who has unfortunately been hit with the ugly stick and find myself not being able to take my eyes off her for the first 5 minutes of meeting her! Ooops.

Sarah is also trying to learn Poi so that night we move as much furniture as possible to the side of our room and continue to hit everything in sight as we practise, rather terribly! Great fun though!

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