2006-Allan and Joel's Excellent Adventure travel blog

Today, unfortunately, we must leave Russell, David and Brad, and beautiful confines of the Arcadia Lodge. So sad. [The official head hitting count was remarkable low 7, usually do this in a day in the wine cellar].

We are off to beautiful Tutukaka [no, I did not make that up] to spend the night as Joel was diving out of their marina the next day. Not a very exciting prospect but we made the best of it.

On the way [OK, not really on the way but it was a nice side trip] we took in the Kauri Museum in Matahoke. I sold a few pieces of Kauri furniture from the last container of antiques and was interested in the history of the wood. Quite fascinating stuff about the Kauri logging business, Gum Digging [let me know if you really want to know what gum digging is] and turn of the century New Zealand. The Kauri is an impressive tree, the second largest trees in the world next to the Sequoia. Ok, they were some of the second largest trees. Most of the great Kauri forests of North New Zealand have been farmed out. The largest standing Kauri and largest Kauri forest are north of where we were so we did not get a chance to see them. Kauri is pretty amazing stuff..... It is very slow growing, grows very tall and straight and is almost impervious to rot. There are specimens and item carves from Kauri that was dug up from the ground or swaps that are 34,000,000 years old. Most of the larger trees that were felled in the late 1800's and early 1900's started as seedling around 900 to 1100 BC.

Ok, enough about wood. We arrived in Tutukaka, checked into the hotel, ate some dinner and went to bed. Joel need to get up rather early as he is diving Poor Knights Island tomorrow.

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