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ain't she a beaut! Northern Laos

Broke down for the first time!

Walking up the hill after our bus crapped out!

Laos scenery

Luang Nam Tha

Luang Nam Tha

Luang Nam Tha

I would love to tell you in great detail about our bus trips cause you wouldnt even believe them but.. I promised.. short and Juicy. We've been on 2 long distance old rickety bus rides. First One was supposed to take 8 hours, it was a 198KM drive but took 10 hours! Seriously! 198KM! The roads were just being developed and they were winding and steep and sooo dusty you couldnt keep your window open. We had to get out twice to walk cause the bus wouldnt make it up the hill and it broke down once. The second was supposed to be 6 hours but took 10 as well. The roads were a bit better however this bus blew two tires (same tire) and our bus co-driver got arrested by Immigration on the way. We stopped for a check and as the officers were checking passports our co-driver decided to put on the officers cap. Didnt go over well, he was charged and they pulled out the hand-cuffs, that took about an hour as everyone was trying to convince the fuzz to let him go. We left without him. Our favorite part of that scene was this obnoxious Spanish woman beside us that kept asking one of the other passengers if there was anything they could do because they were foreign and maybe they could help. Where do these people come from?

Anyway, we've learned that travel anywhere here is a full day adventure, you never get there when youre supposed to and expect at least one break down per trip. Luckily from what we've seen so far the drivers are some pretty amazing mechanics as well.

We spent some time in Luang Nam Tha and did a Mountain Bike ride through the back of town and through the Country side along Rice patches and through Villages, we stopped for a bit and cooled off in a stream, gave away every balloon we had to a bunch of kids and found a waterfall to hang out at for awhile.

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