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The Beach along Atlantic in "Tourist Town" Swak

Hmmm, the Ocean Isn't Quite Good Enuf Here

T & B and Clean Beach!

Found out Swakopmund means "dirty river mouth", actually literally "diarrhea" river mouth because when the first Germans arrived there had been unusual rainfall which caused the river to actually flow(it is dry most years) carrying huge qty of sediment to the ocean and causing the gray discoloration they saw. When we walked the beach I noticed no flotsam and jetsam as we've found on every other coastal beach. Bon pointed out that the coast is uninhabited for hundreds of miles in both directions and the strong current N. carries anything way up from here not allowing much to drop off.

Bon was back on internet all morning working on visa stuff for Russia & 'stans' thru Arden at White Nights. We got tickets for the Intercap Mainliner this am(only $1 US more than minibus!) for Windhoek leaving at 1 pm.

On bus - not full at all - the countryside went from Kalahari sand to grassy savanna w/ few bushes to rolling mtnous and 'greener' the closer we got to Windhoek which is also higher elevation and cooler. Still the green was only more densely growing 20' trees and bushes w/ brown grass between. Another big difference in Namibia is there are no police or military check points/roadblocks, one nice thing!

Once we arrived in Windhoek at 5:30 another huge difference from our point of view

related to their upscale economy -no taxis at bus stop, NONE! We ended up walking the 2 km to Camellion Backpackers where they had only one room open and a tent for me for the one nite, nothing open for tomorrow. They were very nice and called Backpackers Unite where they made a reservation for us for tomorrow.


Moved to Backpackers Unite, dorm was okay so saving some here. After mucyh walking about the town visiting Cardboard Box Backpackers the only listed place in LP where we could get info we got the phone # of A T & T Travel 267-3938788 or 72111250 & web: Talked to & arranged to meet at local grocery the gal in charge(no office - a bit sketchy if you ask me). Anyway, they did show and we made arrangements to be at their residence by 5:45 am tomor. They wanted us to take a taxi to the pickup spot but their residence is only 2 blocks from Backpackers Unite so??!!

Walked downtown Mari going to church & museum(no open due to being Sunday). Windhoek is very western w/ shopping mall, big car park, everyone drives and place is clean & new/modern looking.

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