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We couldn't come to a group decision on whether to rent a car or go by minibus - costs were in question. So this am we awoke and because Mari was tired of changing plans & talking about options she opted out of the discussions. Bon did not want to commit Mari to car rental, which would be the only way to see the petroglyphs(to public transport there). We ended up on minibus to Otjiwarongo and from there on another to Swakopmund where Bon figured we might be able to take one of the day trips out to see these places. Left at 10:30 and arrived at 5: - the cost ended up being the same as car rental plus gas! So travel in Namibia is best by car rental especially if you camp(sleep in the car) even paying for car return ie drop off fee. Our new friends Maxi & Hans Wilff will spend their last month relaxing on the "farm" of their in-laws who also run/own a lodge in Aus...far S. Namibia called Klein Aus Vista.


For future reference...Makalani Tree(palm like), the Damara tribe carves the nut & the elephants eat the husk off.

Walked the town, very German & upscale for the "Cabo-type" tourist experince for Euro flolks, esp. Germans. Overbuilt, expensive, definitely NOT Africa that we have come to know and love thus far!!! A dry desert coastal town built by Germans(S. of here Walfis Bay was Brittish port) as their port. Inland is the Kalahari desert(means "always dry" in local lingo), just flat sun baked sand & dunes...they claim the largest/highest in the world but I don't think they've seen the Gobi!! On the 'boardwalk' along the ocean, young blacks sitting on the wall along sidewalk watch as 2 white children eating ice cream cones follow behind parents. There is such an obvious disconnect between black & white populations - much more pronounced than anywhere we've been. I've opted out of going to museum, preferring to sit and watch tourist/black interaction while sipping beer. 80% of tourists to Namibia are German 2% are Canadian & US(combined). Thus the comparison to Europes "Mexico", altho now is the start of their high tourist season just as this part of continent goes into winter!

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