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Ferry to island.

Another way across the lake.

Island harbor marker

Grand Hotel from the ferry.

Approaching the docks.


Chose your taxi.

Marina. Local home owners commute vehicle.

Fort Mackinaw from the street.

From the bottom of the long hike up.

View from the Fort entrance.


Display on the Parade Grounds.

Eight rounds in less than a minute.

Parade Grounds from the wall.

The wall with a view.

Harbor from the fort.

Grand Hotel from the fort.

Village from the fort.

Original home on the island.

Lots of weddings.

Another so-so Hotel.

Summer home

Village street.

Arch Rock

Making sure we are still on the island.

Bike path.


Side of Grand Hotel

The history

Porch on Grand Hotel


Local home

Medical Facility

One of many Bed & Breakfast houses.

An small example of all the peddlers on the island.

We spent the day on Mackinaw Island. The only way to travel is by Ferry Boat. The island boat docks adjoin Main Street, a very busy bustling business district filled with hotels, restaurants, souvenir stores and fudge shops.

The absence of cars provides exhaust-free air, quaint and narrow village lanes, no auto noise and picturesque horse-drawn carriages - which has created a charming and historic ambiance.

Visitors travel by foot power, walking or peddling. Another way to see the island is by horse power. Horse-drawn carriage tours either with a driver or you can chose to drive it yourself. We took our bikes.

Before peddling around we went through Fort Mackinaw. It is the fort that was moved over here from Mackinaw City. (Last posting). The role of the fort changed dramatically in it's 115 year history. From protecting the fur traders and alliances with the Indians to Military importance.

We walked back to town and had lunch. Then we took off on our bikes to ride Lake Shore Road around the island. It is an 8 mile ride along beaches, past churches, small bed and breakfast homes, rock formations, battlefields and nature preserves. YES, we did the whole 8 miles. It was a good time.

The other big attraction is the Grand Hotel. Very formal and grand. They charge $10.00 to be able to walk out onto their grand, huge porch. After 6:00 pm you must be in formal attire. We did our best to take pictures from the street. It was at the end of our ride and we were hot, sweaty and certainly not presentable to the ambiance of the hotel.

The island was fun, beautiful and great to see. It was overwhelming with all the tourist. One of the locals said to come when the kids are in school and it's more enjoyable. I would certainly recommend that.

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