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Our plane for the Nasca flight

"The Whale" - look closely


"The Spaceman" - on the side of the hill

"Monkey" - check out the curved tail

"The Dog" - look very closely

"The Condor"



"The Parrot" which doesn't even look like a parrot if you can...

"The Hands" next to the Panamerican highway

Back on the ground it's time for someone else to go up

The 16 hour night bus to Nasca was a bit messy. A very windy road, a small child in the seat behind us throwing up, which got to Sarah who was then ill aswell. We were supposed to arrive in Nasca at 7 a.m. but the bus was 2 hours early. This may have given us a problem but we had been given the name of a man at an agency to use to book our Nasca flight - Enrique at Andean Tempo. We knocked on his door at approximately 5:30 a.m. (his door told us he provided 24 hour service) and he invited us in, cleared a space in his storeroom, gave us a blow-up mattress and told his to sleep whilst he sorted out our flight for later. He did though tell us that it might not be possible due to the weather, which was good, he was honest with us. However he did manage to get us on a flight in front of a lot of other people AND in time for us to get the bus to Lima at 4 p.m. so that we didn't have to stay over in Nasca - not a lot else to do apart from the lines. So we would wholeheartedly recommend Enrique at Andean Tempo to any and all of you.

Anyway, onto the lines. These were created over a thousand years ago by scratching away the top surface of dirt to expose a lighter coloured rock underneath. Strangely though you can only see the animal shapes properly from the air as they are a few hundred metres wide - weird - long before aeroplanes or balloons, but aliens, possibly. Recent research believes that the lines were to encourage water to come from the Andes ("The Trapezoids" especially) as carbon dating puts most line activity during a period of drought. It was also an experience to be in such a small plane, the banking was awesome and made motion sickness tablets a necessity.

Back to earth and it was time for a quick 7 hour bus to Lima.

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