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the officers ward room

Official dining room

The Queens office

The crews quarters

The laundry

The bloodhound



Part of the frieze at the war memorial

We realise today that we do not need a park and ride because there is a bus stop right outside the pub we are staying in.

Takes half an hour to reach Edinburgh and we immediately catch a bus to the ‘Britannia’ moored on the Firth of Forth. We spend over two hours on the ship – thoroughly enjoyed the time. Also berthed was the ‘Bloodhound’ which used to be owned by Prince Philip and that he used to sail competitively with great success.

From there we catch another bus to the Royal Mile from where we can reach the Edinburgh Castle. We find ourselves a café for lunch and then make our way up to the Castle.

We visit the national war museum of Scotland – really interesting. Following that we visit the Scottish War Memorial – probably one of the best we have seen. A wonderful set of three bronze friezes containing people depicting every type of persons and occupations involved in war from the home guard, nurses, soldiers of all persuasions (radio, artillery etc) even dogs and horses. Certainly the best I have seen but unfortunately we are unable to take photos – might find some on the net. They also had books containing lists of those killed in both world wars – divided into their units and then into officers and others. Plenty of Hogarths and Urquharts.

Closing time comes so we wander back to the city and have afternoon tea before catching our bus back to the hotel.

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