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Ferry Between Botswana & Zambia

Impala - Fast Food For Lions - See the 'M' on Their...

Warthogs in Chobe

Warthogs in Chobe

A Warthog in Chobe

Afr. Jacana (Jesus Bird)

Copper Coucal ? Anhinga - Snakebird?


Afr. Jacana (Jesus Bird)??

Elephant Family - 2 Yr Old Male in Rear

Elephant Family in River

Older Male Following Estrus Female Elephant

Monitor Lizard

Many Birds Along River

Full Moon & Elephant Leaving River (Sunset Behind Us)

Left at 2(after extended internet time - Bon trying to figure how to get her bag here, Russia arrangements, & just email) via hired taxi(80,000 kwatcha = $24 US) to border.

Free visa into Botswana after we crossed river via ferry(Kazungula Ferry). Then taxi(Uncle George! we arranged for him to take us back Sun am at 7:30 to Tsumeb, Namibia), where we paid 1000 pula after a trip to ATM down the street to get $$. They do not exchg. Zambian $$ for Botswana $$ once in Botswana, no one wants Zambian $$. Luckily all Barclay banks now have ATMs!

We were able to arrange early morning safari drive thru the Chobe park and late afternoon cruise on river as well thru Mist(tour guide) - contact thru Sedudu Lodge where we stayed, nice place & reasonable!

The internet at the Post Office was very fast & the gal at the desk let us use her phone to call Tsumeb and make reservations at Mousebird Backpackers for tomor...critical since they will pick us up at midnite, the arrival time in Tsumeb!!

Botswana upon independance in 1966 was one of the poorest countries in the world - at that time only 12 km of paved roads existed in the whole of the country. However, with the discovery of dieamonds in 1967 and more mines in 1977 it has become the worlds leading producer of gem quality diamonds. Unlike many African countries rich in natural resources, Botswana's political leaders have opted to develop infrastructure, education, & health to benefit all the people(other than indigenous San - who were the nomadic hunter/gatherer people occupying much of what is now Botswana).


Up and out at 6 am...Chobe NP original inhabitants were San people displaced when park was created in 1960...major feature is supposedly elephants, we did see a few but not many. See the separate entry for "six parks, animals & birds"!!

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