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Richest Mining Area

Mine Now Mostly Filled With Water


I have had time to look at a map. North Twin Lake and South Twin Lake are not part of the Chain-of-Lakes Flowage. Our fishing trip yesterday was further to the north than I realized.

The deer population is doing fine up north. We saw deer in the morning yesterday. We see them in the morning today. We also see turkeys. I never get a picture of them!

We travel east on Route 70 across Wisconsin. We do some “leaf peeping.” Unbelievably, some of the leaves are starting to turn. It is not time to come home yet. I have not seen any Halloween decorations. Although, the stores have rock salt on display.

We enter Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are on Route 2. Again, we play at being “Yoopers.”

In Iron Mountain, we stop for the Iron Mountain Iron Mine Tour. John is convinced that I chose this route just to get underground. I love mine tours and cave tours.

As it turns out, we have a private tour. Our guide graduated from high school in May. He does a good job of explaining the mining operation.

At one point in the tour, something flies by my head. I ask what it is even though I know the answer. It is a bat. He tells us how bats line the walls in the springtime. “I was in charge of the third grade tours. There were kids running all over the place!” I can imagine.

We cross into the Eastern Time Zone! We are losing an hour again.

We find a nice restaurant in Escanaba for lunch. We have reached the Lake Michigan Circle Tour. We stop in Rapid River. The WIFI was poor at our last stop. We need to catch up.

Campground: Whitefish RV

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