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First ship. While we were setting up camp.


One of the 1000' ones

View of bridge on our first day of driving around.

Brimley State Park beach.

Two channel cleaning barges pushed by a Tugboat.

Another 600-700 foot freighter.

One more big one. I will try to stop with ship pictures

Sault St. Marie, Canada

Coast Guard 440 footer.

Two large ones passing in the narrow channel.

Courtesy boat delivering supplies as it slides down the channel.

Heading into the locks.

Gates are opening.

Here we go!

Inside the walls.

Coast Guard is coming with us. The big guy is going in...

Closing the gates.

Starting to fill.

Full up.

Where did the walls go?

Opening the Superior gates, 21' higher.

The big guy in lock 2.

Heading out to St Mary's River.

Under the bridge.

Jacknife railroad bridge.

Iron Foundry.

Canadian lock.

Canadian lock hdqr's from the mid 1800's

Gates are opening. Down 21' to Lake Huron level.


Our campground. Can you see our Motorhome?

Inside a retired freighter, connecting rods to steam engine.

Notice the size of the wrenchs.

Pressure gages.

Rudder power steering.


Boat laundry.

Tug boat engine.

This buoy was round at one time. Next picture explains what happened.

Steel buoy vs water pressure.

Going to Canada. We got rain.

Sault Rapids. Much diminished from all the other water routes.

Park in town.

More of the park.

That's the USA over there.

The road home. See the stop & go traffic to the USA....

Sitting in line.

Ship heading for Lake Superior.

See the two Flags. The border.

One more. Wind generator towers. I had to show it.

This is day 3 in Sault Ste. Marie. We are in Aune-Osbourne Campground on the St. Mary's River. Basically a large parking lot for RVs. Very clean and well kept. The fun is watching the large barges and freightliners pass by just yards from our window. They are heading into or coming from the Soo Locks.

The Soo Locks form a passage for deep draft ships around the rapids of the St. Mary's River. It is the only lock on the St. Lawrence Seaway that can handle the super freighters which are up to 1000 ft long, with a clearance of 1' to 2' on the sides.

Today is a rainy day. We decided to go through a old freighter, turned museum. You could have a couple of football fields in there, with bleachers.

It is cool and we finally have to get out jackets.

We decided we would take a drive over the International Bridge and check out the other side of the river. The International Bridge connects two cities, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The city's downtown sits on an island, with the locks to the north, and the Sault Ste. Marie Power Canal to the south. The bridge is 3 miles long. To our surprise when we got through U.S. customs the line coming back into the U.S. from Canada spanded the whole bridge. We checked out the waterfront and downtown and headed back home. It took a little over an hour to get over the bridge. Then we got pulled over and our car x-rayed once we got through customs. What's another 20 minutes?

Our pictures are from our campsite, a boat tour, a museum tour and our car trip over the bridge. Lots of pictures of ships. I think we are 'shipped' out right now.


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