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We drove over Hoosier Pass.

The view north on Hoosier Pass.

Hoosier Pass information.

The view west on Hoosier Pass (still a bit of snow in...

This is where we are spending the night tonight. Just off of...

Looking south from where we are spending the night.

Willis and Blayde scooted over into my driver's seat to say "Hi"!

Looking north from where we are sleeping tonight.

We are on the road again and loving it!

After a haircut for Willis and one for me, a bath for Blayde, a shopping trip to stock up on groceries, a stop to dump the gray/black tanks and to take on fresh water and then one more stop to top off our gas tank we finally headed out of Frisco and towards South Central Colorado. It definitely started warming up as we came off the mountain. In fact, it warmed up so much we had to stop and let some air out of our back tires as they puffed up to nearly 10 pounds over their recommended pressures.

The views have been nothing but lovely as we worked our way south this afternoon. Having had such a busy morning we stopped a bit early in a pull-off just south of Texas Creek on Highway 69. The scenery is so pretty, and the highway so sparsely populated, it appears to be the perfect spot to overnight for tonight.

Willis and I both noticed how much easier it is to breath here than on the mountain (even if it is 15 degrees warmer)! I don’t know if Blayde is noticing the increased oxygen but I do know that dressed in his little Pomeranian fur coat he is noticing the difference in temperature.

I keep losing my computer’s wireless broadband signal tonight, and have no AT&T phone signal, so am not sure if this will post… but I can try!

Happy Travels,


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