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The Mist & Falls

Part of the Falls

Mari & Tim Getting Wet in 'Mist' (More Like a Downpour!)

More of the Falls & Mari

Misty View of Falls

Bridge Crossing to Zimbabwe - Seen From Zambia Side

Mari & Bon Getting Soaked

The Bridge, Mari, & Bon

Looking Down at"Boiling Pot"

More of the Falls

Group - Bon, Mari, & Tim at Falls

Looking Up at Footbridge to Island by Falls From Jungle Below

Road Bridge to Zimbabwe Over Zambeze River

Mari on Rocks in Front of "Boiling Pot"

Bon on Rocks in Front of "Boiling Pot"

Bon on Rocks in Front of "Boiling Pot"

View of Road Bridge and Jungle

View From Road Bridge of Foot Bridge to Island

Tim at The Falls Enjoying the Shade

The Mist & Falls

Boiling Pot & Rainbow,

Boiling Pot & Rainbow,

Bungie Jump From Road Bridge to Zim Over Zambeze

Bungie Jump From Road Bridge to Zim Over Zambeze

Bungie Jump From Road Bridge to Zim Over Zambeze

Taxi from Cha Cha to Marks Motorways bus - Intercity Station - where they told us they'd leave at 8:30 full or no(we had just missed the 7:30 one). Well, it's Africa and we left at 10+ for Livingstone and an 8 hour ride mainly because the last 60 km was potholes and it took 2 hours to go the last 35 miles!

We had radio on the bus so ear plugs in only I really enjoyed the a capella singing - I assume it was religious(not in English) since it was a religious station. Bus itself was regular size but not as nice as one we arrived in, this one 5 across, 2x3 so seats & aisle considerably narrower.

Zambia exports copper and has one of the few manganese mines in the world so things are a bit upscale throughout this region. This also has affected the exchg rate for the Zambian currency the kwacha which has gone up in value wrt the dollar!

Upon arrival we were trying to locate the hotel Pascal & Silvia recom but no one had heard of it. A fellow asked if we were interested in free transport to Jolly

Boys BPers but I said we were going to this other place. Unfortunately, we ended up at Jolly Boys anyway but due to our delay we missed the $8 US dorm rooms to others on the bus and we were left with $10 beds. Our decision making sometimes is so ponderous that we pay for our indecision often.


Free Jolly Boys shuttle to Victoria Falls...spent the day, saw 2 kids bungie jump from the bridge over Zambezi River, wow! Pics self explain. Food is expensive in restaurants, best to get groceries and use hostel kitchen. Bon spent 4 hours online cking on bus Intercap Minliner to Tsumeb, Namibia(paid online $54 US/ea) arriving at 12:40 am, plus trying to make reservations for ON'S. We ended up calling Kasane & Segudu Lodge via Skype even w/ bad connection.

Sue at Jolly Boys tried to tell us it would be cheaper to go on their 1 day excursion to Chobe...we found it not so, we spent half of what Jolly would have charged for the same!

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