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The start of our ride

Angel's Trumpet, belongs to deadly Nightshade family, which includes Tomatoes

Small airport along the way

Stopping on the return trip to take a phone call

Nancy spotted this bobcat while I was on the phone

Bobcat on the move

They are usually very hard to spot


Bounding across the bike trail

Back at the Ranger after the ride

The owner of Omega Bike Shop who adjusted the gearing on my bike recommended this bike trail to us, and today we rode it all the way to the beach and back. This is approximately 15 miles. They've built it so that there are no highways to cross the entire way, and you just cruise right along on this beautifully paved two lane bike trail. Great ride!

While stopped on the return trip Nancy spotted a bobcat which I've pictured on this post. They're usually very shy and hard to spot which makes this sighting special. Eagle eye Nancy at work!

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