Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Susanne peacefully sleeping on the train haha

mmm cocktails in Poland

a castle in Krakow


some traditional singers

me on one of the main streets


main square

horse and carriages

same church

part of Krakow castle


me and Susanne

at the enterance

having fun

inside the castle

church enterance

purty stuff

Joe hangin in the flowers

Krakow castle

Our train compartment to Krakow was completely full. A czech lady came in and sat with us. She was really cute asking lots of questions and practicing her english. She ended up giving us a shot of some homemade czech liquor. It was really strong but good.

Had to change trains in Katowice, Poland and we ended up meeting 2 other canadian girls. Really nice girls also going to Krakow. We walked to one hostel that said we could stay one night but they were booked the other nights so we spent some time looking for another hostel. Did some laundry and went to eat dinner.

We went to a little polish restaurant. Ordered our dinner and they brough us out a plate with what looked like bread on it. One side had white bread, the other a dark bread and a knife. We wondered what the knife was for. I took a piece of white bread and Susanne grabbed a chunk of the other stuff and we both said "It looks like banana bread". As soon as she put it in her mouth she said "It takes like meatloaf." I thought that was weird so I take a big chunk of it and put it in my mouth and say "It does taste like meat."

That's when it dawned on me that it was pate and thats what the knife is for. Yuck!!! Needless to say we killed ourselves laughing. Our dinner came and I had some perogies and beets. YUM. Best food ever.

We spent the night in our room talking to the english couple sharing our room and had a great laugh.

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