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One of the reefs from the air

More of the reef

Our boat, after we've left by chopper

The waves breakover one of the reefs

It's huge!

We flew over 7 reefs in allon the way back Cairns


For a "small fee" we had the option of taking a chopper back to the mainland!

We could have taken a 7 minute or 15 min scenic flight around the reef, but we thought that we may as well go all the way and get a flight back! It meant that we got home in 20 mins instead of 60 rough mins and also... it meant Helen could do some shopping in Cairns before we dash off to Brisbane tomorrow!

The flight was amazing, taking in 7 of the reefs... It took off from a very shoddy looking wooden pontoon, which was quite exciting, but what more could you want?

So that's another natural wonder of the world under our belt! Aw yeah. We are getting posh in our old age aren't we. Snobby b*ggers!

Hey - UK in 5 weeks. Hold on to your horses!


Simon (Fraser Island): Well done on your jump. Glad you loved it!

Charlie Quinn: Message understood - looking forward to catching up in Sept.

Nick Cook: If you are reading this - see you at Brissy Airport on Weds morning hopefully!

Team Albert: Enjoy Magnetic? Drop us a line!

Corrina: Thanks for the Mission Beach tip! We loved the beach - especially the little one about 2 kms north of the town!

Gareth's Dad: See you Weds...!

Cheers etc,

Lots of love Gareth and Helen x x x

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