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bearded dragons at our hostel!

so freakin cute

who's that rockstar?

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mmm fried cheese in Prague

Russell and I had breakfast at the hostel before catching a bus to Cesky Budejovice. He ended up catching a train to Germany and I caught a train up to Prague. I should have taken a bus. I was in a compartment with a young girl and a couple with a cat. At one stop they are started packing up and were getting off and I didn't think anything of it and then she tells me we all have to get off the train for a bit and take a bus.

I was confused but I followed the crowd to some buses where I met an english couple looking as confused as me and we stuck together. The bus took us a couple towns down the road and we all got back on another train. Finally made it to Prague.

Walked down to the hostel to see if Susanne was there. As I was checking in she walked in the door. Perfect timing. Got checked in and we went up to our room to say a proper hello. Ended up going to a Czech restaurant for dinner and got to watch some hockey!! We tried some friend cheese and I had a shishkabob and potatoes. So good!

Back to the hostel and got all caught up with each other.

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