20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Yamdrok Lake.

First 5000m pass.

Un-named reservoir.

Kumbum Pagoda.

Michael Jackson?

I know where I'm wanted!

Otherwise known as stairs!

Pelkhor Monastery.

Gyantse Dzong.

Gyantse Dzong 2.

Day two involved the long trip back along the same road that we had travelled for most of yesterday until we passed the turn-off back to Lhasa then headed off the Friendship Highwayand over a high pass to Yamdrok Tso or Lake. This pass was at about 4800m and being the highpoint of the trip so far brought on some altitude symptoms, mainly slight headache and shortness of breath. After lunch down in the lake valley we headed off to Gyantse over an even higher pass at just over 5000m, this one gave Joao an almost instant and severe headache which lasted until Gyantse, for some reason mine was delayed and didn't appear until in Gyantse that evening, I don't think that the local beer helped it.

We stayed two nights in Gyantse as it had both a large monastery, Pelkhor, and a ruined Dzong (fort). The monastery is famous for it's Kunbum (100,000 images) Pagoda, the fort for it's defence (and destruction) against the imperialist British forces, no mention of the mess the Chinese made of the place though.

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