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Our boat!

On our way to the Barrier Reef

It's a bit blowy up front!

Helen looks *wicked in her wetsuit

**Fashion Guru**

Giant Mauri Wrasse!



Hi folks!

Ahhh... still the weather is not in our favour - but no worries huh? Although it was overcast today, we still had a great time on the Barrier Reef. Our adventure started with a boost first thing this morning when we found out that we had been upgraded from the shitty boat that we were booked in on to some super-fly speed boat. We asked why and they replied that it was "our lucky day"! We think the captain of the other boat was on the sauce all night the night before or something, but HEY! Upgrades are great! It meant that we got to the barrier reef in about an hour, instead of 90 mins, which was cool. As the dire weather is still clearing away / following us, the trip was a bit bumpy. Although we've lost most of the ominous looking clouds, it seems that the 60mph (so it feels) wind is still kicking around, so all sea crossings are rough as!

As always, people were spewing left, right and centre, but our (newly developed) cast iron stomachs held up for the journey. Compared to Whitsundays this was a piece of cake!

Once we were out at the first reef we went for a snorkel, but to be fair, it was quite a swim from the boat (against a hellish current) and the waves were huge. It was ok whilst snorkelling, but once we popped our heads up, we were drinking way too much salt water! The reef was cool, but the tide seemed a little high - got some photos though - will publish soon!

From there we headed to a second site. Now that crossing was a rough bugger. It was like being on a rollercoaster. Helen hid downstairs inside, but Gareth braved it outside, trying to breath in that lovely (boat-petrol based) reef air. The second site was amazing. We got to see a Mauri Wrasse. He's called Wally and you can see how big he is here. This is the exact wrasse and he's called Wally :-)

Although we snorkelled this site, we also got to spend some time in a semi-submersible too - it's a shame that there was bad weather - visiblity was a bit low!


Note: We didn't dive because we're flying tomorrow and Thursday and can't be bothered with buggered ears. We dived in Whitsundays and also plan to dive again in Thailand (maybe?!) so I'm sure that's more that enough for now.

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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