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Nancy and I in Virginia

I've gotten several emails recently asking about how Nancy and I met so I decided to do a post on the subject.

The Gulf Coast and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas were my home during the winter of 07/08 and I had decided after that to check out Arizona as a place to winter. My plan had been to go first to far western Arizona and see how I liked boondocking on the BLM land along the Rt 95 corridor south to Yuma, and then move east to Phoenix and Tucson. At the last minute I decided to go first to the Phoenix area and then head west later in the season. This turned out to be a very good choice.

I found Usury Regional Park near Phoenix to be very much to my liking and decided to stay there for a while. Whenever I get to a new area one of the first things that I do is look for a Post Office to have my mail sent to. For some reason I decided this time to use a PostNet store instead of the Post Office since it was close by, right next to where I shopped for groceries, and Christmas was closing in on me fast.

When I went in PostNet to set that up, Nancy waited on me, and we struck up a conversation about my lifestyle and where I was staying, etc. She seemed very nice and was very easy to talk to, and she had eyes that just sparkle, and a beautiful smile. We talked for a while and then I left. I had been so captivated by her sparkling eyes, smile and conversation that I had failed to check to see if she was wearing a wedding band.

A week or so later I returned and again she waited on me. More great conversation, but this time I checked and found that she wasn't wearing a wedding band. How interesting!! At some time during our conversation she mentioned that her husband had died two and a half years earlier, which explained why there was no wedding band. We talked about my website and she wanted the address and I gave it to her, along with my phone number and email address. More information than she could possibly want, but by then I was quite interested in getting to know her better, and figured that more information was better than less.

On Christmas Eve I called to see if a package that I was expected had arrived, and Nancy answered the phone and told me that it had arrived. I told her that I'd be right in to pick it up. When I arrived to pick it up there was more interesting conversation along with the still sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. I picked up the package, and as I was leaving I said to her that I'd see her soon. Her reply was that this was unlikely since this was her last day there as she was only seasonal help. I turned right around in my tracks and asked her for her phone number so that we could stay in touch. She gave it to me.

Later I found out that she only worked there for 2 1/2 weeks during the Christmas rush, her employment ending on Christmas Eve. I almost didn't call and go there on Christmas Eve, and how unfortunate that would have been as she might have gotten away before I found out how to get in touch with her. I called her and asked her to show me around the area, but she was leaving town for a few days, and wouldn't be back until near the 1st of the year.

We finally did get together on a Monday, and we spent the day together in her car with her showing me some of the highlights of the area. We had a great time and found that we had much in common. The easy conversation continued throughout the day. We had dinner together that evening and continued the great time longer.

We are very much in love, and I feel very fortunate indeed to have met her and for her to be a part of my life. We are living our dreams and enjoying each and every day together.

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