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On-route - Yongbulangkang.

Yongbulangkang, oldest building in Tibet?

Trandruk, oldest temple in Tibet.

On-route, pass on way to Samye.

Inside Samye Monastery.

Samye, oldest monastery in Tibet.

Sand-dunes at 4000m.

First day of the 4x4 trip started by meeting our driver and car. Joao's first comment was that he looked like a retard which wasn't far from the truth. We never found out his name and didn't really care, his English vocabulary was 3 words - "Let's go", and "Money". The first port of call for the Land Cruiser was the garage for an hour for some repairs to the steering!

The trip first took us all the way back to the Airport and along the valley to Tsetang an awful Chinese town then a short trip to see the Yongbulakang Palace, reputedly the oldest bulding surviving in Tibet. On the way to Samye Monastery (the oldest in tibet)we stopped off at another small monastery, supposedly the oldest temple in Tibet. The road to Samye was spectacular but also our first realisation why the trip uses 4x4s.

We spent the night in the monastery where the room was surprisingly pleasant but the toilets were a first experience of Tibetan pit toilets, in this case a two storey version, I chose to stick with the top storey.

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