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I never found out when.

Outside Jokhang.

Barkhor Square.

Potala from Hotel.


The Chinese see this as an appropriate counter to the Potala.

Drepung Monastery.

Direct line to Budha?

Inside Drepung.

Drepung Courtyard.


Inside Potala Palace.

Potala from the back.

Dali Lama's Summer Palace.

Ruins in Summer Palace grounds.

Flying from 400m asl to 3700m isn't a recommended practice and something I suggest you don't try at home. After 4 days here now I think I can finally breathe normally, when sitting down anyway.

The Potala Palace is extremely impressive and dominates the city, the inside was not quite as impressive, if anything it's quite creepy, full of dark rooms and crypts and anything but palacial (and no Photos allowed).

We had a vist out to te nearby monastery of Drepung, one of the 3 Pillars of the Tibetan Budhist faith, walked around the Jokhang and visited the Dali Lama's summer palace at the Norbulinka (he wasted his time as he left soon after finishing it).

We finally got a good deal on a 10 day jeep trip across the country to Nepal via Everest Base camp...

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