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It looks like our departure for China will be delayed slightly as the doctors here in Edmonton say surgery is required to stabilize my left wrist.

When we arrived in Edmonton on July 6th, I went to have my arm x-rayed and the radiologist's report showed that the bones had rotated significantly following the initial treatment that I received in Malaysia. The ER doctor had mentioned that I would probably require surgery to have plates in the wrist, and I had been relieved to find that the Thai orthopod did not think it necessary. If he had recommended surgery, I would have come home to have it done, so all that I have really lost is time. In hindsight, we could have come home earlier but I was not keen to travel on such a long flight so soon after the injury. I feared a blood clot more than anything.

I was lucky to be able to see an orthopedic surgeon on the morning of Friday, the 13th and then a hand specialist the same afternoon. By the end of the day, my surgery had been booked for the following Tuesday, something almost unheard of in the Canadian Medicare system, where long waits for non-emergency surgery are common.

The doctors seemed interested in our new lifestyle and appeared keen to help us on our way again. I am off for the surgery tomorrow at noon, the only thing that is a little daunting is that they are going to do a bone graft, which requires bone to be taken from my right hip. Yuck!

When I feel a little sorry for myself, all I have to do is turn on the news and see reports of people injured in the bombings in Iraq. Those people are really suffering, with little or no health care, and once again I realize how lucky I am. It puts this injury in perspective immediately.

We are happy to be back in Canada seeing our children, extended family and friends. We spent a week with each of our children at the coast and then hurried back to Edmonton to join in the retirement celebrations for one of Anil's colleagues from Tempo School. We plan to take a leisurely trip back through British Columbia later this summer and connect with those we missed seeing on our way to Edmonton.

Hope you are enjoying your summer! It's been unusually hot here in Alberta, we tell everyone we brought the sun home with us.


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