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Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Hard left

Pidgeon poo

End of the line



Permanent moorings


Yesterday was a rest day to allow our aching bodies to recover. Although today was a bit misty and drizzy we decided to move on. The first lock we came to we had to stop in and take the wheel house down!! We had hoped we could get under the walking bridge over the end of the lock but it wasn't to be. Then after filling up with water we set off again.

Through this bridge and an immediate hard left.

The pidgeons have a good roosting spot here!!

This was the end of the railway line to fill up the barges in days gone by.

We spotted 3 emus in a small paddock along the canal side.

It was just as well we took down the wheel house as nearly every bridge was very low (7 or 8 bridges and 3 locks today)

We only went about 2 1/2 miles but that was quite enough for the day.

Wherever there is a grassy area there are crocus and daffodils sprouting.

Every so often there are permanent moorings along the canal, it's a cheap way of living and the moorings are always full. these particular moorings all had little cabins/summer houses.

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