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Visiting Graceland :)

Visiting Graceland :(

Not so big in todays standards

Living Room

Giant sofa in living room

Check out the kitchen

Jungle Room

Craziest room of all

Just a few of his gold records

Those gaudy costumes

Don found this one

Wings AND catfish


And fishing....

It's my turn again (Linda) to tell all about our day today. You see, we went to Graceland and Don knew he just couldn't do it justice. To illustrate this, just look at the first two pictures! I was one of the original fans of Elvis from when he started. I have some original 45s of his first songs. They are my legacy to my daughters!

We decided that we should arrive early but were amazed at how many other pilgrims had the same idea. After we bought our tickets, we had to wait for a bus to take us over to the mansion. I was shocked at how small the mansion looked. Some houses in Nithsdale are much bigger. I was also not prepared for how weird the colors and furniture looked but had to remember this house was bought by Elvis when he was 22. My favorite room was the pool room which had psychedelic fabric on the walls and ceiling. The rooms that housed his gold records and costumes were overwhelming but the greatest thing Don and I saw was the generosity of Elvis for his community. One whole wall showed the cancelled checks for his donations. I'm glad I went and Don is glad we left.

Don then found an "our kind of" restaurant where we dined on wings and catfish. Mmmmmm..... When we got back to the campground, Don finally got to catfish in the Mighty Mississip and had one large one get away! I witnessed the large splash! You will have to ask Don what he used for bait. All in all, a good day.

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