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Things I didn't know until I lived in a village

- Under the same condition, our hygeine standard is much lower than the villagers (We don't wash our feet everyday, we shower about once 1-2 weeks, we don't wash face and comb hair everyday, we never change our socks, went from changing underwear once a day to once a week, etc. Originally, we were planning to be an example of a hygiene family for the villagers!)

- We don't have to eat meat every day and don't miss it

- We are comfortable going to the toilet in front of our door (unlike the villagers who still go to the field; even the dog doesn't pee in front of his sleeping area)

- Don't have different chopping board for vegetable and meat; use the same board and same knife.

- We have an organic garbage disposal - the pigs.

- We eat leftover from other customers in the restruant. What a waste of meat when one only eats it once in a while.

- Fire can be started anywhere around the village to cook potatoes as long as there are trees.

- Duck will pester you for food by pulling on your pant leg, tripping, quacking all over the place until you give in.

- Pigs like to be scratched under the chin and ears and like a belly rub.

- To move a stubborn horse, one should pull the rein to the right and left, not straight forward or back.

- Pig bladder can be blown up with a wheat straw to make a volleyball.

- Pig fat is more precious than meat. One rather wastes meat than fat. We wake up early in the morning to buy the best fat, rather than meat.

- We changed from washing hands after touching the cat to not washing hands at all even after touching the pig.

- RMB 10 cents still goes a long in the snack store outside of the village school.

- Pit fire can be used to not just bake potatoes or hot dogs but can stir fry, deep fry, bake, stewing, etc.

- It is easy to start a fire using a pine wood full of resin.

- Put a cup of water next to coal fire to reduce monodioxide poisoning.

- It takes 21 days to hatch and egg and the hen only gets up 10 minutes a day to eat something before sitting back in the nest.

- When a hen is right in the middle of laying egg, the hen clucks several times in a row.

- In the village, dogs are meant to be chained up always while cats are not meant to stay indoor but roam outside all the time, opposite from the US.

- Farm animals are easily spoiled by better food. Once they tried rice, they won't eat corn or feeds.

- Just rub salt on pork and hung to dry to have your own homemade preserved meat.

- We are very flexible eater compared with them. They are not able to eat food that has suger or dairy products.

- Didn't know fuzzy, furry "outdoor" slippers exist.

- Don't notice when there are animal feces in the courtyard or when we step on them.

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