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The Road Down #2251

The View Looking Back Up From Whence We Came

Almost to the Bottom & Lake Malawi #2256

#2259 Green Everywhere

It rained very hard last nite so the road is questionable. The view from the front porch is absolutely fantastic - puffy clouds, clear crisp air...beautiful! Green mtn slopes all around, reflection of the rising sun over Lake Malawi in the distance, birds chirping in the flame tree, a baby copeting w/ a rooster crtowing down the precipitous slope somewhere off to my right.

Genesis(nitewatchman) helped us w/ transport which left at 10:30...the same red Toyota we came up in. There are 20 hairpin bends, many sections 16-18% grade and lots of twists & turns & rugged down/up 900 meters of escarpment from /to Livingstonia. We left in this truck(extended cab which the owner has somehow given an extra low gear-it is not 4 WD). This time we ended up with 14 people & baggage - luckily we were the 1st in so go to ride inside.

Down at the highway at noon the same bus we arrived in two days before stopped and picked us up for our continued journey to Mzuzu, this time no seats...we stood most of the 3 hours it took to get there. We ended up in Mzoozoozoo Backbackers Hostel. Okay place, tho the dorm was a bit damp and many mosquitoes...lots of white travellers here.

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