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We leave the mainland for Magnetic Island

Towards the island!

Slowly, we head towards Magnetic Island

Goodbye Townsville!

Our first view of MagneticIsland

Helen shows off our hut on MagneticIsland

Dodgy looking beast kicking around the resort

Our resort

Sunset at Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay

Helen at Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Gareth at Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Helen relaxing at the resort - researching the Barrier Reef package!

Our sexy Topless Car next to our hut!

It's kitch, 80's, pink and topless! Aw yeah!

Helen loves our pink topless car

Retro, eh? It had a great cheesy tape that played "Barbie Girl"!!

Gareth and Helen in their pink open topped car

Ready to roll! Only $65 a day!

Exploring the island! What's with the skid marks?

Helen's bruise from getting thrown around that damn sailing boat!

One of Magnetic Island's down-lo beaches

Some of the parakeets and parrots that live at our resort on...

Our hut

Gareth cruising in our bright pink cheese-mobile. 80s-arama

Magnetic views!

Um... Gareth from above!

Views of the main town on the island

Magnetic Island

Helen relaxes as we wait for the ferry back to the mainland

Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal - Magnetic Island!

Helen waits for the ferry

We get ready to say goodbye to Magnetic Island

The Ferry

Our Ferry back to the mainland

Eek! No Cyclone yet!

Back to the mainland...

Leaving Magnetic Island


Helen relaxes as she waits to hit the mainland

Goodbye Magnetic Island

Hello again Towsville!

A sailing boat cruises past

Back on dry land at the ferry terminal!

Hi folks,

Greetings from Magnetic Island... well, actually we're in Bangkok - but we noticed we hadn't done this diary!

So... let's get magnetic.

We caught the ferry from Townsville. It was a bargain at only $19 each return - to take the car would have cost us another $120 so we decided to go on foot! There was a faster passenger ferry available, but it cost a lot more - so we did it cheapo style on the car ferry.

The crossing took about half an hour - the sea was still a little choppy from the storms so it wasn't the smoothest of crossings!! Once we arrived on Magnetic Island, the sun was out and we caught a bus to our hostel. The bus had just come from a wedding reception drop off, so it was decorated in gold and silver balloons! Obviously its new passengers took great pleasure un-attaching the balloons and 'freeing' them.

The bus took us to Horseshoe Bay which is on the otherside of the island, where we were staying at a resort called 'Geoff's Place'. It was difficult getting accomadation on the island as there was a full moon party that weekend (booking at the ferry port didn't help), but to be fair we hit the jackpot. The other hostels, Base and Arkies, seem to be piss head joints - places where backpackers go to get hammered every night and we don't think that that is what Magnetic Island is all about. After we had checked in (we stayed at a really nice little hut)we took time to walk down to the cute town of Horseshoe Bay. It had a supermarket, a pub and a couple of cafes and that was the lot! We stayed the night in our hostel and the next morning we decided to hire a type of "Moke". A Moke is a small type of car that runs off a tiny engine! They definately have cute factor and the island is brim full of them. We talked to our hostel about hiring one and they put us in contact with a company that hires out really cute "topless" Hyundais. We hired a pink one because Helen wanted it and nagged. It looked like a Barbie car and it was great!! The seat covers, the steering wheel, the sunvisor and the bumpers were all bright pink and fluffy, it was amazing! We spent the day driving round the island (looking like prats) checking out the bays along the way. As we drove past people with the same cars we beeped our horn at them, but they wouldn't play!

That evening we went to the pub for some food where we bumped into Sally and Alana, who we had previously met on Fraser Island. We had some food and took them for a drive in our "Barbie-mobile" and they loved it! We played the tape which was in the car - songs such as barbie girl and 5,6,7,8 were on it and therefore was played at full volume!

The next day we got up early and caught to get the ferry back to Townsville. The crossing back was a lot smoother! Once on the mainland we headed off straight away on the next section of our roadtrip to Cairns via Mission Beach.

Let's go!

Lots of love Helen and Gareth x x x

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