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We had a great flight home on Monday, June 25th, departing Bangkok at 7:30 am and arriving at 9:30 am the same day after flying to Tokyo on Thai Airways and on to Vancouver on Air Canada. Crossing the International Date Line gave us back a whole day of our lives.

The first stewardess noticed my cast and asked what happened. When I explained, she said "Well, you're on Canadian territory now, welcome home!" It was a great feeling, one that confirmed to us that one of our most valuable possessions is our Canadian passport. We never underestimate how lucky we are to be citizens of such a highly regarded country.

The flight home went much better than we expected and my arm gave me no trouble at all. The doctor has split my cast and wrapped it in a tensor bandage so that it could be loosened if I experienced any undue swelling. I had pointed out to him that no one would have any sharp objects on board to cut it if there was an emergency. Can you imagine hacking at a fibreglass cast with a plastic knife!

We stayed overnight in Vancouver with our great friends Ann Michele and Steve Ewert and then took the ferry to Victoria to stay with Adia and Geoff for the week. We will spend the long weekend with Raj back in downtown Vancouver and then drive to Edmonton after Canada Day (July 1st). I don't plan on continuing with this journal during the summer - you need a rest from all this reading and I won't have to struggle typing with one hand. However, I will start once again once we head for China in September; do let me know if you wish to come along for the ride!

I have one request before I say goodbye for now. I would love to hear from you with your votes for your favorite story(s) and favorite photo(s). Those who write back with their favorites will have their names placed in a hat (probably the one I bought in Varkala) and I will draw a name at the end of July. That person will receive an 8 x 10 print of his/her favorite photo as a thank you. The feedback will help guide me when I take pictures and write stories on our next journey.

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support during the past nine months. It was wonderful knowing you were reading my journal and it inspired me to be more observant each and every day. Enjoy your summer and I look forward to being in touch with you directly through email or visits here in Canada.


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