Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Got up super early and got a taxi back to the train station and tried to figure out how to get a seat reservation for my train. I think I managed to get some kind of a reservation. Well the train ticket Leah gave me was only good from Sighisoara and I was in Brasov so I had to buy a ticket from Brasov to Sighisoara from the train ticket guy. We had quite a fun talk in hand gestures. Haha, in the end it all worked out. Cost me like 5 euros to go from Brasov, Romania to Budapest.

I had a compartment to myself the whole train ride which was nice but boring too haha. Got checked at the border crossing and a guy came in to all the compartments looking under seats for people trying to smuggle stuff in to Hungary from Romania. Quite interesting.

Once in Budapest I quickly walked to a hostel I had heard about and got there just as it was getting dark. They had room for me so I unpacked and had a shower. Met a young canadian couple from Victoria who were really nice. Small hostel and a bunch of people were watching a movie so I joined them.

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