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Helen and Yates watching the crabs

Winner Winner Crab Dinner

Helen looking for crabs but finding a coconut

Last full day in Fiji today and it was as it should be - very relaxing. Shea and I had a nice walk on the beach in the morning, and aside from getting harassed by a local or two to ride their horses early in the walk, were left alone.

Kids continued their neverending pursuit of the elusive hermit crab and came away with a handful of good ones - of course, they will be staying here despite Helen & Yates protests as I'm sure my friends in Customs would not take too kindly to transporting live animals across country lines.

On the point of hermit crabs, Helen and Yates both made it to the finals of the hermit crab race (a daily occurrence) with Darrell and Tom (where they get these names I have no idea) and Helen actually came away with 3rd place out of 32 entrants and won an ice cream. The guys who run the kids program are really fantastic here and have an endless amount of energy and enthusiasm.

Best part of the day was our 2 v 2 rugby match on the beach - Shea and me vs. Helen and Yates. Bought the kids a Gilbert rugby ball and they literally haven't put it down since. Even took it to dinner with us where a former professional player from Scotland who was over for the All Blacks v. Lions match provided some much needed lessons on how to toss the ball properly.

Off to Melbourne tomorrow.

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