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Cruise ship (In Skagway)

Very bored bear

Musk ox

Silly man feeding the moose

Sunset from our balcony

Side note: It is hard to keep up a log when internet is so hard to get. I thought I would be ok back in WA but their wifi wouldn't let me send pictures. The next campground had no wifi. This campground has wifi. Yippie!.

The Alaskan/cruise portion of the trip is over. We got back to the USA several days ago. We changed hotels 7 times prior to starting the cruise and 3 times after leaving the ship. Needless to say being back in the RV, sleeping in our own bed with our own pillows is heaven. We will be changing campgrounds every so often but that is so much better than schelping luggage in and out of the car every night. I even cooked last night. We were so tired of eating in restaurants that cooking was a joy!

Back to the adventure. After the 9 hour bus trip through the park we had a whole hour break before boarding the cruise line bus. This bus took us back to Talkeetna for one night. We stayed at a fantastic lodge. It was 75 degrees and the sun was shining. The lodge was suppose to have a grand view if Denali; however, the High One was not cooperating. She was covered in clouds. The next morning we had to get in the damn bus again for the long drive to Seward. My recommendation to any thinking about an Alaskan cruise, don't take the pre-cruise tour to Denali, do it on your own. We just did not have enough time. Far too many hours sitting on your butt, it needs a break.

We stopped at a wild life refuge on our way to Seward. The animals in the refuge were either hurt or found as infants so they couldn't survive in the wild. We saw bear, moose, musk ox, reindeer (which is tame caribou), and other small mammals. Interesting but anti-climatic after seeing them in the wild.

Finally we were in one place for 7 days. I unpacked and found clean clothes at the bottom of my suitcase. The stateroom was in the outside of the ship with a small balcony that we used many times during the cruise. We saw whales our first night of the cruise from our room.

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