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Nubble Lighthouse- York, Maine

Pam and Tom at Nubble Lighthouse

Sail Boats in Boston Harbor

USS Constitution - Old Ironsides

Hampton Beach at high tide

Covered Bridge e,ast of Concord NH

Covered Bridge northeast of Concord

Preview of Fall color

View from high ground in York, ME but right on the coast

High tide in York, ME

The beach at Plum Island

We left Rhode Island during a Tropical Storm warning for Hurricane Jose. We broke some kind of record getting the trailer hooked up and on the road - will have to try that procedure again, without the tropical storm warning. The goal for the day was Hampton Falls, NH. We chose this location for its proximity to the Maine coast, New Hampshire fall colors and Boston. The RV Park is in the pines but only 8 miles from Hampton Beach and again the season is over so there are not crowds of folks. Rio the cat will love it because we are staying 7 nights.

Our 1st day we drove up the coast to York, ME visiting Portsmouth, NH on the way to and fro. We stopped several times to watch the ocean and in York we were there for high tide. There are 2 different beach environments in York – one is on the higher ground, looking down on the sea. Then you go a bit north and the beach area of York is totally different with regard to the buildings. The houses/businesses on the beach road are right across from the ocean and the waves are higher than the sea wall so water runs across the street to the properties. Since we know that folks at the Outer Banks of North Carolina put their beach properties on stilts it seems odd that there are no stilts in Maine – maybe the places are older in ME and adding stilts is too expensive. Seaweed was washing up on the street and one gentleman was out there with a shovel picking it up - perhaps to avoid clogging the storm drain or maybe he lives in a house that should be on stilts.

A gentleman we met at the York beach pointed out a lighthouse that we just had to go to. He said it was the most photographed spot in America – maybe we misunderstood. As a bit of “small world” this man is going to Albuquerque in a few months for a national convention of square dance callers. Anyway, the lighthouse is called Nubble and it was a beautiful spot, the parking was terrible but we were lucky. Tom was able to take lots of photos without getting to close to the edge. If you want to go to Maine go to York and stay in one of the old inns. It will give you a taste of the coast and you can experience the other states in this part of the country.

Portsmouth is very historic – we did not spend much time except driving around and again the narrow streets add a difficulty level for getting around but we did it and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a naval shipyard there and there was a huge tanker from Singapore at the dock – it was massive, bigger than anything I have seen in a harbor. We will try and get back there.

Rio the cat was wondering what Tom was doing. Tom was making the bed and Rio was sitting on the dining bench. I told Tom that Rio was curious and Tom said “well he has twice as many legs as I do, he can get off his a** come in here and find out.

Friday it was 62 degrees and we went to the each to see high tide. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the tide come in and the waves crashing against and over the seawall. We chose not to get wet. We were able to sit in the truck with the beach outside the front window and thoroughly enjoy our picnic lunch.

Saturday we drove into Boston to get acquainted with the layout and to see where we wanted to visit the next day. Well Boston is fast – and lots of one way streets. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are on every other corner. We made a plan to take a hop on and off trolley tour on Sunday that would include a free harbor cruise.

Sunday we left early for Boston. The parking garage we were planning to park in was 3 blocks from our trolley destination. Parking garages and pickup trucks require some maneuvering but there was an unexpected hurdle. Tom has not needed to use oxygen on this trip but there are tanks in the back of the truck, plus a propane tank (if we are going to blow up we are going to blow way up) and the lot security guard said we could not leave the tanks in the truck – we would have to check them. The logistics of taking the tanks out are more involved than you might think. We understood and we complied. Caught the trolley – not much hopping off – and thoroughly enjoyed the tour – glad not to be negotiating the route with the trailer.

We took the harbor cruise, which was short but very informative and beautiful. A hotel that was built on the harbor incorporated a lighthouse feature as part of their design. It was rounded with lots of windows and when it lit up at night it looked just like a lighthouse – but it created a huge problem for seafaring captains – not on the charts and a constant beam out to sea. We saw a lighthouse ship that was used when the shoals ran further out to sea than a lighthouse could be built. There is a lot of building going on near the harbor. A 3 bedroom condo with 2 parking spaces starts at $3.5 million.

Monday was a trip to Newbury Port, MA just a little south of Hampton Falls to visit Plum Island. Some houses on Plum Island are on stilts and there are lots available for rent. There is a wildlife refuge that makes up a good part of the island and we got in free thanks to the senior pass (if you don’t have one –get one). The beach we walked out to on Plum Island was beautiful. The sun was shining, the water was blue and there was no sand in the waves. Newbury Port is very quaint – lots of historic buildings and quaint shops.

Tuesday we searched out some fall color and covered brides. It has been relatively warm in New England so we are a little early. We did see some beautiful individual trees. The covered bridges were fun to “experience” as vehicles passed over them. They are still used and the briges have been modernized with pro-panel roofing to lessen the effects of weather. We saw four but there were so many more. Concord was in our path so we did a driving tour of this capital city.

New England is beautiful and we missed so much. I guess that will mean a return trip to this part of the country. We stayed 7 nights but we needed another day in Boston and we dint see any of the northern part of NH and none of Vermont. We learned a lot about distance and traffic. Places are close but the traffic slows thongs down. We didn’t get very far into ME and missed much of MA. But it was a wonderful week in all the green and water.

We are to West Point Military Academy on the Hudson River - NY.

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