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National Cemetery t Point Loma

San Diego from Point Loma

San Diego Bay from Point Loma

With Kate and Koi at Imoerial Beach

Coronado Island Bridge

USS Theodore Roosevelt from the deck of the Midway - across the...

The Midway bridge tower from the flight line

Corsair - one of many different planes in the Midway Museum

Looking south from the bridge of the USS Midway

We arrived in San Diego on Sunday. Our home was Admiral Baker Golf Club and RV Resort. It is a US Navy recreation site and near a trolley stop. On Monday we hooked up with our old friend Pastor Kate. We were able to go over to her house and meet her new dog, Koi. She lives in La Mesa – which was close – and in a mixed use neighborhood – so she can live locally. We went to breakfast with her (walked to a local favorite) and then she took us on a trip to her church. Then it was off to Point Loma to see the view of San Diego from there. At the naval base on Coronado Island – crossing the much photographed Coronado Island Bridge - Tom’s military ID got us on base and we were able to go down the flight line and the Port Boulevard where some navy ships dock while in port. One of the newest aircraft carriers, Teddy Roosevelt, was in port – it is HUGE. Pastor Kate stopped at the base chapel to talk to a Navy Chaplain who is a Lutheran and serves as a substitute at her church. We also checked out the beaches and some RV parks on Coronado Island some of which of course is public owned and then there's the US government that owns quite a bit of it, including a hotel with a beautiful beach. Our trio ended at Imperial Beach with a walk along the ocean and then we headed to a restaurant for dinner and then back home. Kate was a great guide and very generous with her time. It was so good to spend so much time with her and share hugs.

On Tuesday we took a day off. We did laundry and had to do some fixing up and going to the store and just kind of relaxing. I needed to have some down-time and to make a plan for what else we wanted to do in San Diego. For dinner we invited Kate to come over and join us for a pot roast that Tom cooked in the crockpot.

Wednesday we went to the USS Midway Museum. They suggest you take 2 to 3 hours to see/experience it. We were there for 4.5 hours at a minimum - pretty close to 5 hours - and we didn't see it all. Being the history/military fans that we are there was just so much and they've done such a great job. 400 volunteers support the very few paid staff. Many of the volunteers actually served on the Midway.

We took the opportunity to ride the metro/trolley in San Diego because we didn't want to spend our time driving and looking for parking or paying $20 for parking. So we found a station close to our home. We were able to commute right down to the Midway, walk around down there and then ride back, pick up our truck and come back to the park. The trolleys are very nice. They run pretty frequently and it was an easy way for us to get around town.

Before we hit the Seaport Village on Thursday we decided that we would just take the trolley to the end of the green line and switch over to the blue line and go part way down the coast. The final stop for the blue line is right across the border from Tijuana. We didn't go all the way to the last stop. We got off, turned around, went back the other way so that we could then go to Seaport Village but we had quite a nice little tour of the coast of the harbor. We got off at Seaport Village (down the shore from the Midway) where we actually did some shopping ( little tile sort of things) and walked around along the water there and then started our return to the RV park by stopping in Extraordinary Desserts. We ended up just having the dessert – portions were huge and so good. The stop was recommended by our friends Phyllis and Scott Carlisle and it was worth every penny. Unfortunately, I didn't take any of the pictures of these desserts that they decorate with fresh flowers and those kinds of things but I borrowed a picture from their website to include here just so you could see what kind of beauty we were looking at.

I do have to complain about the weather in San Diego I was looking forward to the cool weather you always hear about. But it was 95 degrees on the day we are at the Midway and it was 90 on the day we went back downtown. It is November!!!!! This is not my idea of San Diego weather so I'm looking forward to getting to Tucson where it was only 75 degrees. Tom wanted me to be sure that I told you about the spider web the freeways down here in San Diego. It is incredible – different from LA because they are in a smaller “space” and the exits are “close”. By riding the trolleys you go over them, under them, next to them.

• The Teddy Roosevelt, which is a nuclear aircraft carrier, will go 25 years before it has to be refueled with nuclear rods.

• There was a brush fire on Thursday night that caused the green line trolley to close.

• We will need to go to San Diego again and stay longer to see more

• Coronado Island is not an Island – check out the map.

We left on Friday morning – hoping to get to Tucson for a couple of nights. It is the beginning of the end of our trip.

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