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Just a driving day today – pretty much just making our way towards Yellowstone.

We decided to stop in Buffalo for a coffee, visiting the Visitors Centre on the way. The helpful man there told us that we may not make it to Yellowstone as the roads had been closed yesterday. Why? Snow. We were heading to Cody for the night, so not quite Yellowstone, so nothing to worry about.

Well, up and up and up the mountains what did we find? More and more snow. It was absolutely beautiful. The roads were ok too, thankfully. We got out to take a couple of photos, and let me assure you - it was absolutely freezing.

Amazingly, once down the mountains and in the valley, the weather and landscape was such that you’d have no idea that you had just been in the snow. It was warm and sunny, the landscape was dry.

The GPS did its funny business again. It took us to an address that wasn’t our motel (it was a motel, just not the one we wanted). Apparently, this has been quite common as other GPS’s have sent people to the wrong motel. Anyway, we got here following human directions.

We’ll need to check the weather tomorrow morning in order to see if we can get to Yellowstone, or whether we do ‘Plan B’, and head south. The weather forecast has been for warmer weather, so fingers-crossed that the roads remain open.

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