The Smith's Journey to Uruguay travel blog

It was a rough night with Bryan's snoring, a result of his battle with his sinus issues this last week. I awoke at 8 am and went to the gym until 9 am to let Bryan and Payton enjoying their sleep. It felt good to workout! Bryan was up when I returned so we made our way to breakfast. Delicious again today. To our surprise Payton arrived about 15 minutes later bright eyed and bushy tailed. We had some conversations about college, Payton just heard she was admitted into NCSU's Scholars Program. She now had the decision to make regarding staying with her selected roommate or moving to the Scholars Dorm. Tough decisions to make. It was drizzling again when we left breakfast so we all decided to go to the computer center, a loft above the lobby with 4 Mac computers. We agreed to each look at her various options to come to a conclusion regarding what she should do. In the end a decision was made: She would accept her position in the Scholars Program, however she would keep her roommate, Emily, and stay in her WISE Village in a different hall. This way she has the best of both worlds. I think she got comfort from connecting with some others facing the same decision on facebook. Social media can be very helpful!

After spending about 2 hours on the computers we went back to our room. We need to pack up and eventually drive back to Montevideo, about 3 hours away. To enjoy the resort as long as possible we requested a late check out. Due to our issues they told us we can depart at any time today, no need to go by the 2 pm late check out time. We really didn't need more time, by about 1:45 pm we were ready to check out and get on our way.

We decided to drive back through the historic district in Colonia for lunch at Charco where we had our first lunch there. It was so good we were happy to try it again. We walked in, afraid we may have a wait but were immediately ushered to the exact table we had on our first visit, overlooking the river. Bryan and I both ordered the beef wrap he had prior and Payton ordered the spinach and ricotta ravioli again. It did not disappoint! Our timing was perfect to because just as we sat down it began to rain, however it had cleared up by the time we had to continue our drive. It was an uneventful drive back to Montevideo.

In Montevideo we stayed at the same hotel as our first night, The Regency Rambla Design Apart Hotel, which is just about 15 minutes from the airport tomorrow. We arrived at 6:15 pm. Once checked out Bryan and I went for a walk down the Rambla, back to the tennis club and downtown Carassco.

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