THE BIG BIRTHDAY TRIP 2016 travel blog

We finally got off on Friday 13th, lucky for us!! We spent the first night in a very nice site at a place called Hurley, just outside Henley. It had lots of big green fields and was close to the Thames, all facilities including free Wifi for £15 a night.

We set off for Dover the following day and was surprised to see so much traffic on the M25 for a Saturday. One thing we have noticed during our stay back in UK, the south is just stuffed with far too many cars and lorries on the road.

We arrived at Dover around lunchtime and took the Channel Tunnel, after half hour you are in France, it is quick and easy and very convenient.

We initially were going to head for Ghent, but decided we were tired and headed for Brugge. We have been here many times and felt it would be a good place to chill out for a few days. We are quite exhausted, I think when you suddenly relax you realise just how stressful the last few weeks has been.

So to bring you up to date, we are in Brugge for a few nights, the weather is dry but a bit cold particularly after the last few sunny days we have had. Last night, we sat and watched the Eurovision Song Contest and even did a score sheet!! How sad have we become. As I type this it is Sunday, we have lost an hour and didn't get up until nearly 11am (10am in our heads) and are just lazing about. Sheer decadence.

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