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ORV missing wheel


Mark and I are going on another adventure today exploring old towns and mines. No sure what the girls are going to do but I am sure they will find something. I did get up this morning to get some pictures of the early morning but it was overcast. I did get one picture of the sunrise that I think came out alright.

Mark and I got around to leave for our adventure into the back country. It was chilly today so we did get some warmer clothes on since it is a cool 63 degrees. Some of the trees are already turning color, fall comes early up here in the hinterlands. It is getting into the 50’s at night so the locals know that fall is on the way. This area is nice during the summer but the winters are brutal with the cold subzero temperatures and all the snow. I will take the non-snow area of the country for winter.

We left the house on the ORV heading into the back country. As we got off the main road and start down the trail pass Peppers Swamp the left rear side of the ORV dropped, I thought we got a flat tire. Well we didn’t have a flat tire, we didn’t have a wheel or tire. The entire wheel had come off the ORV as you see. This was an issue. Mark called Darcy, she drove down the trail with the truck so we could use the tools and put the wheel back on. We got the wheel back on and returned to the house because the ORV needed to go into the shop for this repair. Mark got his trailer out and loaded the ORV so we could drop it off to get fixed.

Got back and we wondered where the day had gone, it was time for supper and that was it for the day.

Tommyknockers: Tommyknockers are small dwarf-like creatures who worked in the mines. They often warned miners of cave ins, and, upon occasion, would lead miners to a rich vein of ore. Many men played it safe and often left a bit of their lunch behind, often the crusty edge of a pasty, as a gift for their unseen companions.

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