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Our Guest House breakfast was of a good standard and we ate as we completed our morning routine for Emails, Facebook, Record Keeping, Journal entry and activity planning.

Our first task for the day was to walk Bowness and Windemere taking the high road to the north west of Windemere before making for the lake edge to return to Bowness There is little question that this is a beautiful part of the world and based on the number of Guest Houses and Hotels servicing these two areas alone, there are many that would agree with us.

The image of the area is of slate stone grey buildings, all of original design and different in size, nested amongst rich green vegetation of every possible height. Garden walls of slate, low and high, short and long snake along roadways and paths. Hidden amongst several forested areas are river streams bubbling to the lake's edge. The commercial buildings compliment the area's theme for slate and are painted predominately in black and white with colourful motifs highlighting their individual purpose. Very little is not cared for to a high standard.

On our return to Bowness, we took coffee at the up market Belsfield Hotel on the lawn overlooking the lake and lake boat departure point. On this calm sunny day it was the perfect thing to do.

Lunch was not on the menu as our large breakfast and promise of a nice dinner held us in check. As a consequence, on the advice of our hosts, we decided to circumnavigate the lakes to the north and west and to take a break at Torver on the opposite side of the lake. The first leg was 24 miles and we took a wine break at the Wilson's Arms. The weather being that comfortable we were able to sit in the middle of a paddock surrounded in the distance by others, mostly accompanied by their dogs, lapping up the sun. It was all very pleasant and after an hour we returned to our accommodation via the 33 mile southern route. The entire trip was taken on winding narrow roads enclosed within hedgerows or slate rock walls and surrounded by lake or barren hilltops. An enjoyable excursion, one we will repeat in the next two days.

On return we relaxed until dinner where Kaye's choice from this mornings walk could not be found. A brief search around our accommodation found the Italian Restaurant Porto. Kaye had two entrees, goat cheese salad plus Pate. Jan and I settled for the Lamb rump. An Italian wine 50% Sangiovese and 50% Montepaluciano matched well.

Overall a lovely dinner with good ambience and service. After dinner we returned to the Belsfield for coffee and to watch the sun settle. The night was capped with a soft serve ice cream and a 2100hrs return to bed.

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