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The long road ahead

Granary cemetery

Very old headstones...often they buried them 4 deep

church pews

Old North Church

more pews

A great American - Paul Revere

Oldest tavern

Old Ironsides


Which way do we go? Notice street signs.

After spending the night in a little place called Sturbridge, Massachusetts, we got up this morning and drove into Boston. We parked in a place called Boston Commons and started walking. So many homeless people sleeping in the park, it is really sad, especially the ones with small children. We made our way to the State House and began a red line tour of the historic areas of the city. The churches were really interesting inside as the pews are little box seats that each family would purchase for their private use. The cost was about $150 (current money) per year. It was interesting to see the Old North Church (one if by land and two if by sea)and Paul Revere's House as well as the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides). It was beautiful weather today, perfect for walking. It seemed like we walked about 575 miles but really it was only about 4.

(NOTE: I've never seen so many places without public restrooms. We are lucky our laws require them in eating establishments.....not even Subway or Starbucks has facilities.)

We seem to spend lots of time going through toll booths out here. David can tell great stories about driving on the turnpike. Fortunately, everything went along without incident thanks to excellent directions from a young lady at the visitor's center.

We leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow morning for what we hope will be a much slower pace than here. Not sure why anyone would want to live in the city. Don't know whether we will have WiFi in PA but will post again when we get a chance.

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