Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

Tug boat

First cranes we dock another 35k's up the river

traing course


650 ton trasformer

river travet

barges waiting for transformer


noties tht barge with trans. has gone down over 4 ft.

car carrier



wafth crane



digger out of coal boat



more polution









boats returning up the river

my towers left by cabin steward

After leaving Vietnam the trip for the next 3 days was spend pass Thur 100's of fishing boats at night the squick boats where out with their flood lights on it was like day light. A small note about MV Rickmers New Orleans it is a heavy lift vessel with 4 cranes of which 2 of then are capital of lifting 800 tons each by using the 2 together they can lift 1500 tons the 2 forward cranes can lift 350 tons each.the boat is 600 ft. long and can take 90,000 tons of cargo and cruses at 30 kph. About 120 ks out from Shanghai we ran into the snog at 60 ks out you come across the back log of ships waiting to berth never less then a1,000 but today was to be our lucky day and we went straight in after picking up Plot it would still take 6 hrs up the river to our berth37 ks north of Shanghai. The berths start and continue for over 70 ks both sides of the river the steel works and industries are just out of this world and the pollution let the cows and sheep fart they will never catch up with this. In Shanghai they unload 2 650 ton transformers in to barges along side the boat to go up river. At 6an you get up and look up the river which is about 2ks across and all you see is motorise bargages coming towards you their is a constant flow for over 5 hours with a break until about 4 pm when they all go past manly enty now going back up their is 10,000 movement on the river ever day,Ricanden rd. road only has 12000 cars a day.the main cargo on the barges where coal,gravel,sand and containers.

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