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July 27, 2012

Yesterday we traveled from Bruges to Oosterbeek. We were (at least Sue was) quite worried since we had to change trains 4 times BUT all went well—except we misjudged 1 platform which meant schlepping our bags up and down a couple of extra sets of stairs as we scrambled to catch our train---most conductors spoke English and were very helpful.

We are doing a tour through the Veluwe National Park and staying at Bilderberg Hotels—the nicest hotels we have stayed in this trip.

There was a bit of a mix up—when we arrived, we were to call the Hotel and it would send a shuttle—well that supposedly only is done for parties of 5 or more—I convinced them to pick us up notwithstanding we were only 2 since we were carrying luggage for 5—I think I am still seeing new dinner outfits from Sue.

Our bikes did not have any panniers, so we bought a set—I have spoke to Tripsite about this and Hennie was very apologetic. I am concerned with the state of the tires (see the pic) this brings back memories of Heidelberg to Strasburg when we had all of the flats. Having said that we cranked out 80 KMs (2650 calories) today – thank goodness we were in the Forest—the high today was 30 with high humidity.

The biking was like biking in Jasper—except it was flat.

Unbelievable bike trail system—we have great directions, all trails are well marked and we have a bike map of the area that has all of the bike trails delineated.

We did a detour today and viewed the Sahara of the Western Europe. It is located in Kootwijk and is about 2500 acres (see the pics).

We noted a number of farmers selling their eggs by the side of the road—the eggs simply would be sitting in the sun---not sure if I am going to have my normal breakfast eggs while I am here. I know that my father would not be eating eggs while here.

Al & Sue

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