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Mike and Yve with Malinder in Leeds

We then headed off to Leeds where a school friend of Chanelle’s now lives. Lunch on the way was at Sizeragh Barn Farm. We thought it was just lunch but it had an amazing array of goods from fresh produce to cheeses and even clothes and toys. To get to the food we had to walk past all the goodies. We all controlled ourselves admirably.

Our little man in the GPS had another tizzy today. We were going to get to Malinda’s before she got back from work so Yve suggested we go off a side road and have a look around. After checking out the residential area we had driven into in Rochdale (large 3 story houses) we headed back to the motorway, but an access road was temporarily closed. So we looked for another way. Of course as usual our little man kept trying to get us back to the motorway. And just as in Stone, he had become fixated on returning back to where we had started the same happened here. Eventually Mike turned him off decided the general direction and then turned him back on when we were much further away. By then he/it had accepted we weren’t going back and came up with new directions. We arrived 10 minutes after the designated time. Pretty good!

That evening we went out to a fantastic Indian restaurant ‘The Bird’ in the Leeds Casino. The evening got more entertaining when Yve tried match making between Malinda and the Maitre De. Dan from Romania. She checked out his marital status and how his mother would feel about an Australian wife and more. (not worried about his financial status..just wanting to ensure true love and a happy family) Eventually she got a photo of the two of them together!

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