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Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

Under The Bridge

Missouri River



Great View


Council Bluffs



Love the Riverfront

Flood Waters Were Up to the Hammer

Moving On


Heading West

Wagon Train



Keep Them Moving


Moving On


John and Friends

Mother and Children

So Real

Durham Museum

Omaha's Union Station


Could You Hurry Up?

Saying Goodby


All Aboard

Train Travel

The Lounge

Bridge Parking Is Convenient

Mile Long Train

The Big Boy


The Centennial



The planets are in alignment! Our campground hosts convince us to go to Omaha instead of Council Bluffs. We do not do well in most cities but we want to go to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. We will not be able to access the bridge from Council Bluffs. They are still rebuilding from the floods last year.

We take the Interstate and easily find our exit. The roads in the city are wide and there is little traffic. So far, we are comfortable here.

We find the bridge and learn that the National Park Service runs it. I get another Lewis and Clark stamp. A ranger stops to talk with us. She explains that the river levels this year are normal. The river looks low because the flood dug it three feet deeper!

The bridge is great! We are over the Missouri River. We can see Council Bluffs and Omaha. Council Bluff was hit hard last year!

Next, we easily find the First National Spirit of Nebraska Wilderness and Pioneer Park. Say that three times fast! We find parking. I love this city! I love this park! The statues are so lifelike. We have a great time taking pictures here.

We leave the park and head to the Durham Museum. We park free on the bridge. This building is Omaha’s old Union Station. What a great building. We tour the exhibits. We go through the old trains. It makes you want to take a train trip!

Outside, a train passes under the bridge. Car after car, after car we watch. It is a mile long. We find out later that one mile is the maximum length. It is impressive!

We make a U-Turn on the bridge and head back into town. Parking may be a problem. Wait, someone is pulling out. As I said, the planets are in alignment. We eat at Wheatfields. It seems appropriate.

Although we are ready to stop for the day, we head to Kenefick Park. We feel like we know our way around town. There are two locomotives on display here. They were built for the centennial celebration of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. They also are impressive.

It has been a great day. If you told me at the beginning of our trip that Omaha was going to be a highlight I would have thought you crazy. Omaha is great! Now, what pictures to post?

Campground: Omaha KOA

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