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We are into the highlands of Bolivia so I wanted to get this finished. So it is rather sparce, and the fotos are without info. I hope you can make the connections. This section of the trip was totally unexpected and we had a great time improvising as we traveled along. Through the amazon basin was hot and humid. It is sad to see the remnants of the old forest form the trees that have been left in the pastures. We crossed two huge rivers and through some primary forest in Peru. Up the side of the andes was terrific and Paco did a great job, in one place it was floored at 15mph at around 14,000 ft over the pass.

In Cusco, I spent 3 days recovering from an ear infection and the runs. What an uncomfortable situation in the high altitude(12,500ft) Karla went on her own and saw afew things, On the way out of Cusco we went to the Urubamba valley and picked up some other ruins that we hadn't seen in 2000. Now we are at lake titicaca and ready to cross over into Bolivia tomarrow.

4/17-Sun-Enter Peru drove to Puerto Moldonado-crossed the river Madiera.(132 miles)

4/18-Mon-Spent day in Puerto Moldonado finding the way to see the famed Parrot lick along the Tambopato river preserve

4/19-Tues-another afternoon playing with the monkeys at Anaconda lodge.

4/20-Wed-Paco was parked at the Anaconda and we headed out to the Wasi Lodge by boat upriver to see the Chincha Parrot lick.

4/21-Thurs-Parrot lick day, woke early to travel two hours up river to see the Parrots fly in and eat mineral rich clay

4/22-Fri-Left the Wasi lodge early for the 3 hour boat ride back to P. Moldonado. Stayed at the Anaconda another night

4/23-Sat-(160 km =98 miles)Left Anaconda with good byes to all and the monkeys, visited the Wasi hotel in town to see if my sunglasses were found, then spent two hours fixing a blown water hose, Lunch at the Wasi hotel, then 70 miles up the new road to a pull off with road work equipment near Mazuko,

4/24-Sun-From Mazuko free camp up over a 15000 ft pass to Camp Qinto lala, Cusco( 252 miles)

4/25-Mon-Drove to find a recommended mechanic to fix the alternator, had the car washed, and went shopping. 25 miles

4/26-Tues-Stayed at camp all day. Karla went to Saquayhuaman, for lunch we walked into town an had a great Alpaca steak dinner(Paco day of rest)

4/27-Wed-from camp Quinta Lala, Cusco to Moray arch. site,to the Salt mines to camp along Urubumba river 100 miles

4/28-Thurs-camp along the Urubumba river to Ollantaytambo Inca Ruins, to market at Pisac/Ruins to Camp along the Urubumba. 50 miles.

4/29-Fri-Drove to Pisac, shopped and found another nice camp along the Urubumba river.

4/30-Sat-Drove from the Urubumba to up over a 14000 ft pass and slept in a small Altiplano city of Ayarir at a PetroPeru gas station.

4/31-Drove across beautiful altiplano found a nice camp on a beautifull lagoon next to some ancient ruins. On the Omayo lagoon.

5/01-Drove into Puno, Chile then along the Lake Titicaca to find a Camp.

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